Because, when you're here I feel safe.

Shirt:Gotfrommysister//Skirt(actually a tube scarf)//Shoes:Dinsko//Bag:Ginatricot//
I just had to have a black skirt and then I found this tube scarf (ginormous it is) and I wrapped it around me. I am such the genius! And happen to have the greatest self-confidence about my brain.
Emilia is still here to annoy me. Slept on the floor, like bare floor all night and woke up in the worst pain but how I love my pearl anyways ♥
Let me know what you think about the outfit! And I want to read great blogs so send me a comment with your favoriteblogs!

Postat av: Pearl

hehe strange to see my name in the middle of it all :) so that dress is a shawl?

2012-04-05 @ 08:27:09

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