It's fine with clouds in my mind, as long as they are pink&happy.

Lovely pink lipstick and lovely zebra shoelace and lovely lennon. Even though it is thursday and I hate thursdays I am happy. Even though Hotlikehell isn't even opened yet it is growing and I bet you will all love what we'll have to offer! Now I am heading upstairs to work on the goodies! It will rock once it's done!
Emmie and I are super inspired and motivated and Emmie is one happy fellar because she got thrown out of her confirmationreading (church whatever) because she started discussing gay marriage with the priest. . . haha! You just have to adore her. . . ♥ Amazing friend and co.owner ♥

Postat av: camilla

shortsen är ju helt underbara :)

2012-04-24 @ 02:04:19

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