Laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summernight.

At times I feel like no one knows me because all I ever get to hear is "You're just a teenager"
Like, you can't have dreams, they will change. Your feelings aren't for real because they are just hormones. I actually do have feelings. I feel isolated, sick, tired, scared and lonely, mostly. I kind of do freak out at times. Scream as loud as I can against my pillow and basicly try to wrip my hair of and cry till I fall asleep. Like that will make things better. That won't cure any disease and it won't give me my own airplane and it sure as hell won't bring me to my dreams. But, it is atleast feelings that I can feel. Feelings I know isn't just hormones. Feelings I know is a sign that the time for me to jump out of the birdsnest is near. I want to find out what there is in this world besides from madness like trafficing, drugs and terrorism. I know, somewhere far east, there is Sakura blossoming.

Postat av: gina, fotografi

fasen vilken snygg bild!

2012-04-07 @ 11:39:35
Postat av: Clara

Så fint!!!

2012-04-07 @ 14:11:57

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