The silence before the storm.

This inspiration in a level that no one else but Spells can reach. I can feel the cold breeze here in my chair. These pictures are so alive and I just can't wait to start shooting for hotlikehell! Hopefully we can pick a bus to the ocean and shoot there aswell. I also planned on shooting at dadis work. It's kind of piles of sand and stones and dirty and also a "streetshot" in town. It just kind of sucks that I don't have the lenses I would love to use. Unfortunately I can't afford any new lenses atm since none of the schools I am applying for are here at home so I'll need my own place to live and make my own food so those 15.000 I would love to spend at a new camerahouse and a 85mm lens needs to be saved just in case I move. . . hate the words just in case. Ah!!! I want to move so bad! I am crossing my heart, toes and fingers that I'll make it into UWCSEA. Singapore, wouldn't it be rad to spend the best before the last there ;)?

Postat av: Anonym

hur mår du? :) har du några planer inför ikväll? :) <3

2012-04-21 @ 17:09:52

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