This is what makes us girls.

Lana Del Rey – This Is What Makes Us Girls
Most of my daily thoughts and hopeless daydreams are about the future. Are we just another bunch of hopeless teenagers or will we move to L.A, Singapore, become scientists and marry a rich man? Will we become pilots, doctors and do brain research? 
There's so many questions that are running through my mind. I am not sure about much but you know what I am heck sure about? Before I grow up I want to be reckless, be heartbroken, be good, be great, fantastic, be let down, be everything you shouldn't, be everything you should.
I don't want to grow up and say "When I was a teenager I had straight A in my grades, was every teachers favorite kido and I spend my weekends reading books at dadis place" I want to say "When I was a teenager, I fought to get what I knew I deserved, I may not have been the bestest(IamaDelrayfan,yes) and I may not have been so lovable but I was proud, oh hell I was proud for what I achieved. I did stupid things, I fell inlove, I got heartbroken. I laughed until I cried with my friends and we spent too many hopeless nights together. But most important of all, I spent my teenager feeling. Even though people denied my feelings . . I know. I know. I felt"
I know I can do it because it isn't astrophysics (besides falling inlove).
Also; I have the best god damned friends a human being can have. We do argue, we are mad. We aren't the kind kind of girls that have to kiss godbye after the schooldays are over. I don't have a best friend, I have the best friends. We aren't even that girly to be honest. We're just a bunch of fucked up teenagers that stick together, have fucking fun every single day. We've spent whole nights crying with a serious face. We've spent the whole night laughing until we think we'll die. I can't imagine how it would be without them. I really can't belive how I could call my old "friends" friends. They were nothing but complete strangers to me! I bet my best friends now are complete strangers, there's a lot to know about a human. There's a lot you hide, but whatever. I may not know about the deepest part of their souls, but it doesn't matter. 
We have another 2 summers. 2 summers. This and the next. We're just 15 now, no festivals for us but we're going to make the best out of this summer. We are going to grow, be happy, be sad, be whatever you need to be in one summer. Camp, Chill . ..  next summer is Peace&Love. The summer after that will be just. . .saying goodbye. Crying and hugging. We'll be so grown up. . . move to the other side of the world. Wow. Me and Emmie will be the longest flight of all flights apart from eachother! Singapore- L.A and I will visit her in the summer and go to Coachella and she will visit me at NYE and watch the firework over Marina Bay.
And nothing of this might even come true.

Postat av: Emma

för jäkla snygg brud!

2012-04-22 @ 15:55:29

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