We were dancing, me and music in a neon euphoricbubble. We were just fucking happy.

Kent released their album "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret". I (for the second time) saw Espresso House dude. I had thaidinner with my best friends minus Emmie who couldn't join.
The first time I saw EH dude I had a mouth full of chai and it just came like a waterfall out of my mouth when I saw him and I had a heart attack.
Well that was a while ago . . . now they've opened a new EH in my town and everybody's there so we decided to go to the old one, there were probaöby 4-5 sitting there instead of the usual 20. Suddenly a face turned to me and I fell down at the table and I was like "O-M-G I AM HAVING A HEARTATTACK" and all of my friends agreed. He was the god damned hottest guy they had ever laid their eyes on. I think he might even beat Robert Pattinson. . .wow now it is getting serious. . . .  Applying for summerjob @ EH. That's it.

Postat av: Linnea

Åh vad fina bilder!!

2012-04-28 @ 01:02:07
URL: http://littlemslinnea.blogg.se/
Postat av: Linnea

Åh vad fina bilder!!

2012-04-28 @ 01:02:13
URL: http://littlemslinnea.blogg.se/
Postat av: Clara

sv: Du är så himla snäll Fatima:')

Du har inte direkt något att vara avundsjuk på i alla fall, så jääkla snygg är du!!

2012-04-30 @ 11:06:53
URL: http://clarajosephine.blogg.se/
Postat av: ELIN- fashion, inspiration, style

åh, så fina bilder! vart/hur redigerade du dem? :d <3

2012-05-05 @ 21:33:10
URL: http://elinpassanisi.blogg.se/

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