1# In the car on our way. Happy aunty and happy nephew, or. . . annoying nephew but he can be a piece of sugar at times! 2# First day in Sälen, back in appartmant to take a chillpill. Day one was actually a great day, great slopes! I'm a big fan of offpist though but Sälen isn't the best place for that. . . too bad! 3#GOT MY OFFPIST! Woah found a ravine and belive me I was a happy fellar! It was soo much fun! The funniest part was probably when me and André came back home and Simon surprised us at the door saying "There are snowmobiles everywhere looking for you, everyone thinks you got lost in the ravine" Ofcourse me and André were convinced it was one of Simon's bad jokes but we called up my sister and the first thing she said was "Just so you know there are snowmobiles everywhere looking for you" . . .well that was one worried family who thought we got lost in the ravine. Both André and me laughed our ass off and we still can't get rid of the whole V.I.P feeling! I have to say though; the lifeguards were retarded. I saw a couple of snowmobiles but I had no idea they were looking for me . . . . well I saw them but they didn't see me. When we came home we found out WHY they called the emergency nummer. . . We had gone into a spot with a very high risk (3) for avalanche and we crossed a weak lake!
4# Food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best lamb I've ever put in my god damned mouth. Oh. My stomach has been sooo bad all day and all night but it was totally worth it. It also costed me a whole fortune but as I said; totally worth it. If you ever go to Sälen, visit the restaurant called "Lammet & Grisen". It was R-A-D.
5# On the way home . . . purple nailpolish and many rings. Also whole lot of radness init! Love the purple color and I also wore a emerald green blouse with a grey pullover. Cozy Cozy! #6 True, true. You just can't be too thin. And this is a wakeup call for all skinny people with low self esteem. Bony curves rock! It's amzing to be skinny and people who can't accept your body can go f* themselves. OK? And ofcourse it's ok to be fat and "normal" and all of that because we are humans, we are created a certain way I belive and we can not change that. It's ok to wanting to gain or loose weight if you're not satisfied the way it is, I just think you all should know, as long as you are healthy and happy you're god damned beautiful! ♥
Many goodnight kisses to the readers in my timezone x

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SV: Jag håller verkligen med! :) Det är något man måste bara ha innan man dör!

2012-02-17 @ 15:34:15
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