I love mine. I think family is the greatest piece in life. I can't imagine not having a family and if I just could I wanted to have the biggest family in the world. Create a family where every parentless children can have family. 
Well. I've been talking to this family of mine and seems like I am applying for United World College in Singapore and I just overheard dad talking to our guest "Fatima wants to go and study in another country. Ofcourse it's a great experience for her and I'll indulge her that but I'll miss her" 
Well I can tell you. I want to experience all that cool stuff while I'm still young. At first when it was only a thought I was all like "Ah so cool, freedom" now the thought is scaring the crap out of me. Flying all alone to the other side of this world and live there for two years. Just a week without a family for me is sad. Now we're talking months without them. Tickets to Singapore ain't the most cheap tickets so I'll probably only be able to go home for summer and christmas.
Wow. I can't belive I'm applying for college in Singapore. . .
I have so much hope today. I've heard the best thing your teacher can possibly tell you. I've won money on a lot. I'm writing my CV. It's 18 days more until my 15th birthday. I'm REALLY FREAKING HAPPY!


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