Well. Tee and the tightest jeans ever. Now I'm sitting here in a pink wesc ready to go off to figureskating, my bus leaves in a couple of minutes. Thought I'd sit on the café for an hour and do some homeworks, drink Chai and listen to Kent ♥
Sorry for unanswered comments. I will answer them all as fast as I get time but I won't be home until 22:00 so it won't be today. But thank you all for your sweet comments. It makes the bitterlady inside of me so happy ♥

Postat av: Isabel & Caroline

sv: tack desamma :D

2012-01-30 @ 18:46:48
URL: http://sistersofgothenburg.blogg.se/
Postat av: HANNA

sv: tack så mycket :D

2012-01-30 @ 21:06:08
URL: http://hannalovisasol.se
Postat av: Amanda Jonsson

Svar: ja, Kent är så fina.

2012-02-01 @ 17:19:05
URL: http://ajonssons.blogg.se/

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