I like space with myriand pro font. And some stupid words my brain put together in a gif.
I think I need to x-ray my hand because I think I hurt it . . . petttty bad. I've had massive moodswings and I've been feeling like I have to kill someone so I killed my comb. My favourite comb. May it rest in peace. And I also killed my palm squeezing the comb in it. I have a new pink dress and an aztec-print tee. I'm coloring my hair pink and starting to get fine nails. Life today is better than yesterday. Mood-f*ing-swings. And the pills the doctor gave me for the pain in my hip are the best painkillers ever but I'm in such a bad pain no painkillers help . . . So I'm just heading to bed and have high hopes to sleep good. I've had massive sleeping problems for a month and I've been falling asleep in class. . . uhg. I guess I sound like im dying. In a horrible pain, can't sleep, bad moodswings .  . . but "c'est pas grave because I'm not dead yet".

Postat av: Filmskribenten

Gillar du att titta på film? Men du har svårt för att bestämma vilken du vill se? Besök min filmblogg och få tips på vilka filmer du ska se på :) checka in :) Tack på förhand. <3

2012-01-13 @ 10:00:10

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