I am still alive.

Okay. The keyboard here is so weird I am not even going to try to write in Swedish. I just wanted to say that I yet do not have any internet on my own laptop but it is coming.
We have a temprature of lovely 35-40 degrees, my body is just a piece of salt but it is sure better than the cold at home.
Had a lovely trip, the first flight I can remember in this life without turbulence, well I have got to admit I do like turbulence, not heave though since I have had that one and I most spent those 5 hours onboard crying.
All we have done so far is just . . . walking. Haha but it is a cute town even though my feet hurt like hell and I still have another 12 days left here.
I hope you are all fine and that you will stay tuned for some Szolnok pictures.


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