We're gonna come together, we're gonna celebrate.

Karro just said "Maybe not such a pretty picture".
But what about it is ugly? The fact that we have a native in the background or is it the wonderful theatre...? but it is sure not us. Just sayin'
Well Hungary is wonderful, have to say, especially the 40 degree sun and the food that tastes kind of asian to me. And well, the natives on bikes! I don't know how many funny people we have met on bikes! What is it with bikes in this country?!
The icecream is delicious and the fact that the icecream place has free wi-fi is kind of nice.
But dear god how I miss work, Emmie ;)

Postat av: Linda Eriksson

Oj, vilka fina bilder du har på din blogg och vad vacker du ä! Jag sökte på "knottbett på hund" när jag av en slump hamnade här.. vad lustigt det kan vara! ;) Ha det gott!

2012-07-10 @ 18:20:29
URL: http://lindaslykke.blogg.se
Postat av: Emmie&Fatima

HAHA, gubben i bakrunden är ju bara för skön! :)

2012-07-13 @ 22:11:25
URL: http://hotlikehell.webblogg.se

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