Heatwaves across the county.

Untitled #46
Lovely summer outfit. Colorblock, thick eyeliner and the classic pink/red colorcrime. Orange/pink/red is lovely. Defenitly something I will wear this summer. Can't wait to start the spring shopping, I'll go all in for sunny tones and palmprints. Summer is soo coming. . .
What is you favorite of the season? The trendfollower wearing dipdye and neon or are you your own trendsetter?

Postat av: afroego

Sjukt snygga skor!!

2012-03-16 @ 09:39:54
URL: http://afroego.se/
Postat av: Dennis

Colorblocking like a boss! Loving this collage! Sparkling color, im in love!

2012-03-18 @ 12:46:05
URL: http://withyen.blogg.se/

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