KONY 2012.

Obviously there just has got to be anti-groups to this kind of campains and there are many different theories and thoughts but something you can't deny - IQ fish or IQ einstein - is that this is true. The whole "Childrenarmieswithrapedgirlsandfightingboys". Hope you didn't miss out on the movie "Blood Diamond"? We see a lot of it there. This is also the reason why people flee to live in safe places where they are not accepted and sent back . . .to this! Worl is a wicked place, sure is. Children. Human children. It could be your littlesister och it could be you. Kidnapped. If you're a girl, well then go enjoy yourself as a sexslave, if you're a male. Have fun shooting your family. Oh why this? Kony. Joseph Kony, the leader of LRA. 
Well you do have a choice because either you lay back and tell youself "ah, doesn't matter if I share. Everybody else will anyways" and then that makes you the same douchebag as Kony. Or you just share it through facebook and go to bed and feel a tiny bit better about yourself for doing the world a favour. Goodnight.


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