Now she's back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair.

Hello there applepies! Here is todays outfit, just like that. My hair has been growin so much! 10 months ago I cut all my hair off (for those who did not know) and I had just like 2cm at some spots and the longest part was my bangs which were I think about 7-8cm. Ofcourse I had to cut it again when it grew out to an even length but now I have about 20cm long hair!
People keep telling me, oh go short again and others ask my why the hell I cut off all my hair. Well this is it people; I do whatever I want with my hair and it is really non of your business. And yes I want to let it grow now.
I still did not color my hair. . . lol. My color now is quite funny with my orange dipdye which is supposed to be purple but I don't know if I am going to London on Monday or not?! If I am I am soo visiting a hairsalon there and make my hair look dope!


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