In this body we live in this body we shall die, where you invest your love you invest your life.

I write and photograph when there is inspiration and right now there is not. I have no idea what to do but I am really freaking out becuase I have so much to do and so little time. I know you're waiting like freaksofnature for the start of Hotlikehell, me and my friends clothingline and I know you're hoping to se decent posts in this blog but I just have to me the same disappointing bitch I always am and say I am sorry but I am trying to make something out of my real life at this moment and that is trying to save my soul by listening to Mumford&Sons and finding clothes to wear tomorrow and clean my room and do my homeworks and make people around me happy and make someone actually like me for who I am and make people understand how I feel and convince people it is not hormones.
Now dear, fucking, earth, I might have troublesome hormones but I have actually got feelings aswell.


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