Honey, we need miracles.

Shorts from the collection. I just really can't wait to start selling. Gosh.  I just want you guys to see the collection.
Well, guess what? Found the apparment of my dreams and I am going to the bank next week and start a new special HSB saving and start saving points so I can get the apparment next year. Suca beautiful apparment in probably the best place in Västerås, and the rent wasn't that horrible. If I can't get it next year I'll just take it when I'll start study College in 4 years.

Postat av: Sofia

tack :D

2012-05-30 @ 23:31:38
URL: http://byfia.com
Postat av: Johanna

Åh så snyggt alltihop! Och tredje bilden var ju hur vacker som helst:)

2012-05-31 @ 00:32:14
URL: http://mondaymind.blogspot.se/
Postat av: afroego

Snygga shorts :D

2012-05-31 @ 23:20:44
URL: http://afroego.se/
Postat av: gina, fotografi

snygg du är!

riktigt snygg tröja!

2012-06-02 @ 13:07:07
URL: http://fotografgina.blogg.se/
Postat av: Emma

Åh nej vad fina bilder!

2012-06-02 @ 19:37:33
URL: http://emmagester.blogg.se/

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