If your dream doesn't scare you, It is not big enough.

Saturdayinspiration from We♥it.

I want to fly and make a rainbow with colored smoke at some random airshow in some random country. Then I want to grow long hair and build a house by the ocean with a swing in the backyard. And I want to look as rad as a human can possibly look. Then I want to find true love and watch the eiffel tower with him, kiss and film with super8 film. And I want to be a model for just one day for elle, wearing a flowerprint skirt. And I want a flower print blazer with studs. And I need Marilyn Monroe to live again, everybody does. And I want him to whisper those words. Just to hear them once will strengthen my fragile soul.
They say I'm strong, I'm strong, I'm strong. It's true. I am strong. Strong people don't just bend. They break.

Postat av: Johanna och Sara

jättesnygga bilder!:)

2012-05-11 @ 09:28:19
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