I've spent fifteen years singing gravity away but the rain keeps falling from the sky.

I can almost tip on my toes! This picture did hurt like hell.
For the first time in a long time I don't feel stressed at all. Next week we have 2 days of school. 5 days of freedom. Two days with my sister. One day with my friend. Just a whole lot of awesomeness!
I've been doing pretty good this week. . . really good actually. I even nailed a B in french. . . yes now we are talking! If I just wrote "Sont" instead of "Est" I would get a freaking A. But I guess life is a bitch and there will be a lot of second chances.
What I am concerned about is that my mentor said I am probably getting worse grades this year. . . I feel like I've been slaving this whole year, last year I just really chilled. . . didn't care too much. This year I had a dream, so I've been a slave of school. I've been doing everything my teachers told me, tried to improve, but here I am. Sitting on my ass with a warning for worse grades.
You know what? I think I might not even look at my grades this year. I'll just burn them before opening that letter. I know I worked as hard as I can, I've been giving my all, put my freaking soul in to school and I need NO ONE to put a letter on the work I've done because I know I worked hard, and for me, that is enough.

Postat av: nathalie.

sv: oj oj oj! vad snällt av dig att utmana mig. ska försöka svara på frågorna så snart jag får lite tid. kramelikram!

2012-05-12 @ 19:57:57
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