Jesus walked on water and Adam lived for 930 years.

Now it is all over for my friends and I wont get to hear "Oh no... it's thursday, it's reading after school" Haha!
Church sucked as usual, but had a great time afterwards. First at Emmie's dad's place with great food and one hell of a funny brother of hers. After that it was cookie-time at Cutiepiegrandma's place with all her siblings. They are just the cutest people ever! We had pillowfights with teddies and are a lot of cookies and drank soda. 
Oyes, today was a good day ♥ 
And I also talked to my very awesomecake friend Karro and guess what? We are going to vacation together. Fuck yeaah!

Postat av: bella nyqvist

hoppas du haft en bra dag!

kika dig gärna in på min blogg, kram

2012-05-19 @ 22:33:10

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