Then you just decided, love wasn’t for you.

We decided to have breakfast outside, because it was hot and the sun was shining, and we were tired, lazy and happy.
We bought the best juice in the world. Brämhults. Dopeness, it's the bestest of the elite juice, beats tropicana by miles.
Sanna liked breakfast in the garden.
Karro enjoyed her hot cup of chai in the hot sun. Now that doesn't make scene, but bitch please, life just doesn't.
And Sanna just had to photograph me while doing my regular morning-makeout to a sandwich.
I know my life seems just way too glamorous, but don't get those ideas up. This shit happens ever 13445 year. I should totally do it at every good weather slee-power from now on. It was wonderful, and to thereafter just lay in the sun like an egg. Then buy eyescream and have a photoshot. Then eat. Then it was time for my homies to leave me forever alone, that forever aloness lasted just about a couple of minutes until Simon and co. came over for dinner. 
Had a great Valborg, a super great Valborg ♥

Postat av: Bella Davis - MODELL BLOGG

det är du som är fin!! mysiga bilder, är det så varmt i London nu? kramis:)

2012-05-03 @ 11:23:16
Postat av: emilia:

du är utmanad! hoppas du vill svaaara!

2012-05-04 @ 13:12:11

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