Your words are like nails on a chalkboard.

Every cell of my fragile body is shaking. I have just about never been this mad in my whole entire live. I feel sick, humiliated and just about 100% suicidal.
Monday-Friday I wake up every morning to go to school. I go to school because this democartic country says I have to, and I want to go to school. I love to learn. But, every day I feel humiliated by teachers. I feel like they are pushing me to the ground, spitting me in my face. And I do react when teachers treat me like a piece of shit, I do get a bad attitude and I can't control my anger. I wish I could, I really wish I could. But I can't. 
And after that I got treated badly in school. I come home to hear I've got problem with my attitude and I am so dissrespectful and when I try to tell people how I really feel, how I, and all the other students with arguments get treated. But all they say is "I don't know who I should belive because the teachers say you behave really bad at school".
One teacher started a rumor about me, I know it sounds so pathetic, but it's true. We had a fight and she told the whole school I am messy and disrespectful, because we had one fight.
Now my family has lost their trust in me, and so has the teachers. 
And I feel sick to my guts about the way we get treated, at school and at home.
I just wish somebody could actually belive me when I tell them about the situation at my school.
If it wasn't for my dream, I would drop out of school, because I can't handle feeling like this.


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