I can pretty much die for the clutch. Ah. And this outfit is so . . me. I can't be all glammy. I'm not comfortable with that I just need a touch of mess and therefore the patterned clutch and peace earrings for the hippie inside of me (or also the real me who pants peace on earth). Well see which disasters and revelutions will hit the earth in 2012. Maybe a massive spaceship from another universe will land in phoenix? Well my plans for 2012 are great and nothing goes as planned (fml).


<span style=
The end and the beginning of the year I spent at my sisters place. The countryside is so cozy and everything was so white and I had an amazing new years eve so I can't say anything but it was all great.
January started well but ended with me wanting to kill a few people. Me and my sister also decided to go on a trip and it ended up being Senegal, of all the countries in the world.
R.i.P Min fina lilla pojke är borta nu, men han är ängel <3
(I'm sorry about the size. I know it's freaking annoying when the pics are different sizes) 
I was going out to my rabbit and taking him for a walk in the snow. He was a freak of snow. He adored snow more than anything else. He was gone. My little angel was died. His name was Pyzen and he was so adoreable. When he got scared he did this weird noise and leaned his head against my shoulder and he loved to chew my hair. I miss my little boy soo much!
Who said u weren't lonley back then? kludda lite i Photoshop med en bild som togs 2a dagen med min nuvarande kamera. Wehe. Slänger upp originalet med c:
8th of february arrived with more snow and I replaced the 3 of my age with a 4. I turned 14 with other words. I got an airplaneticket, 2000SEK, 55$ and 140€. Man I've never felt that rich before. Or. . a cup of christmases back I got 5000SEK. (to buy a camera) and I felt kind of rich holding the money in my hand.
<font style=
In Senegal we went for a fieldtrip to Mbour. We lived in the coziest place ever! "Village Petite Eden" We lived in little huts with pink beds with mosquitonet over them and showered in cold water and mostely had no electricity so it was freaking hot since the AC needs el. But it was really nice to go o a beach and bath in a pool. When me and my sister were there we lived in Dakar with her friend in a tiny appartment so it was really nice to go on that fieldtrip for three days :)
AND I realised how optimistic Senegalese people were. All they would say was "C'est pas grave" = "No problem". Just like "Hakuna Matata" at home. Haha!
Nån Sån Fail Sak. nu åker jag iallafall till Borås & Simon. Imorgon åker vi till fjällen. Man kan ju undra hur offpiståkning i April är? Grenig & Stenig maybe?
I made this little cute picture of myself as a fairy. "Mama lied to be about the toothfairy" is the name of it. Haha! And I made the braids in Senegal. Miss having that long hair!
<font size="6" face="georgia" color="#99CCFF"><i>Fel Från Början</i></font> <div><i>Woups. . . Flipp'en blev inte så bra ;)</i></div> <div><i><br /></i></div> <div><i>Kluddar lite på vemdalenbilder och har asont i magen &lt;3&nbsp;</i></div> <div><i>Och på Fredag kommer Bells över för twilightmarathon, kakbak &amp; fotografering. Det kan jag behöva.</i></div>
I went to Vemdalen as every other year. Though this time I went there for easter break and not sportsholiday. We had 20' at midday and I was pretty much living my life until the day I pretended to be a skistar and I hurt myself very bad. I had problems with my back months after. . . The slopes pretty much moguls at the end of the day and I had a downhillrace with Simon and my ski got kinda stuck and the ski didn't "unleash" or whatever you call it in english and what I pretty much remember is opening my eyes in a sea of pain and there was some kind of people gathering 10 meters up the hill. Simon and André totally bullied me for the rest of the vacation.
Blossom Jag tycker bilden var gullig.
Spring arrived with blossoms and dresswearing and running over fields with my camera. Heavenly.
The house by the lake Mysigt värre! Dock är mitt zoom apdåligt. Men ska nog hitta gången till detdär lilla huset någon dag. Så ska det bli mitt smultronställe! Kan nästan slå vad om att det är otroligt vackert att sitta där & se ut över ån :)
I found this little place zooming in with my camera. It's by the river and the nightsun shines perfectly there. Who knows. Maybe that is the nowhere I've been looking so desperately for? I have to go there some day. It's in bushes so it will be hard to get there but I can do it. Who knows. . . maybe it was a little romantic place for hopeless teenagers back in the 20's? All I can imagine is pretty little rich girls sittin there with their woodworker as summerlover . . and that place used to be a mini-village back in the beginning of 1900. Dad grew up there in the 30's. And his parents lived there.
Uhh ? Egobildbomb man man känna lite, Men så ser håret ut krulligt :>
In the last day of may I cut off my long hair. I was happy the first days until I realized my hair was gone and I became sorta suicidal.
A little something. Jag hittade min stativgänga (som varit borta typ ett halvår) idag och tog därmed lite egobilder. Hm. . .eller ok. EN bild. HAHAA. Haircut <3
By the middle of June I realized how awesome my hair looks. I got intressted in fashions and I became my own home-model. This picture is my profilepic atm. Haha!
CRAZZYYY CHICKS!  Madness. D Måste påstå, jäklar vad heta vi är. bilder från skolavslutningen, som var pretty random. Haha! Detvar synd om mig den dagen. Min klänning, som jag har sytt själv. Den jag har på bilden. Den gick sönder. Så fick gå runt med jacka hela tiden. Great.
What you see there is my very best friends. School was out. We got the chance to be wild and free! And I made my dress myself. Ha!
@Emmi-w M. F-yes. Jag gillar svartvit en hel del och Emilia massor. Puss ♥
I had a photoshop with my favorite Emilia on the countryside in the Juneheat. She's so gorgeous. Love you Emmi. Don't forget. You're gooorgeous!
I'm not  a monster, I belive. Jag gillar bilden. Nu låter jagväl asmobbad, men jag gillar den. Det blev ett lite failat självporträtt. hehe. Jag kom inte med, och det var ju tanken egentligen. Men detta blev toppen det med! http://fatimaplace.comJuly came like a storm and I had my first paid photojob. 1000 SEK happier ;) And I took this picture after the photoshoot because I stayed by the falls and had some fun with my camera.
©Simon. Åsså en bild Simon tog på mig samma kväll som min kamera gick paj i typ en stund. Höhö. Lite ironiskt. Nä men jag fick tre sandkorn i avtryckaren så avtryckaren låste sig till hälften :( Sen fixade superFatima det igen. Woh!  Nu mår hon bra igen ♥
July also had a holiday to bring. Went to Denmark with my sisters family and another family. We lived in a great house with indoor pool and the landscape was amazing and atleast some days we had really fun. Haha! Mostly we had 12+ and rain in the middle of the summer (welcome to scandinavia. . . ) Although we were in south Denmark.. . guess we weren't any lucky. 
(Simon is the photographer of this pic and I'm the happy fellar in it)
<font size="6"><font face="georgia" color="#333399"><b><i>Dancin'</i></b></font>&nbsp;</font> <div>Karro å Emmie dansade så fint, det e liksom sånt dom gör. På Lördag blire tillbaka till 50talet, lära sig att dansa och halv åtta hos mig at Karro's place. . vi har kommit på att nästa femtiotal, (eller jag har) då kommer alla stå stilla och de kommer ha elektriska kjolar som svänger av sig själv :)&nbsp;</div> <div><a href=
August it was back to school and my retarded friends who were dancing by the lockers because they were so happy over the fact that it was back to school. Oyes. .
<font size="6" face="georgia" color="#003300"><b><i>Chans.</i></b></font> <div>Ja tycker att det är dåligt att man inte kan göra ord till länkar. *ninjaface*</div> <div>Uh. . &nbsp;. jag laddar upp saker å ting här ganska sällan men för er info har det störtat ner regn varenda pissdag, så nu vet ni varför och idag idag idag idag kommer Mami hem! Vid detta laget bör hennes plan ha gjort en touchdown i Kastrup, but yeah . . . man vet aldrig hur jäkla försenade dessa plan kan vara ibland. Hoppas i varje fall på att hon är hemma när jag kommer hem ;o inte träffat lilla mami på 1 månad!</div> <div><a href=
September. Everything went foggy and dark and cold and boring and all the homeworks started. That was very depressing. September is the month when summer is officially over.
<font size="6" face="georgia" color="#FFCC00"><b><i>A wild soul.</i></b></font> <div>Denna hamnar i kategorin "Årets bild" mest bara föratt. . . jag gillar denna liksom. Nej. Jag älskar. Det är Lisa som agerar modell, boyea! Jag är så avis på hennes hår, för eran carebox. Sen har jag fallit och ajsatan det gjorde ont men ögongodiset är det inget fel på. Det är så mycket som har hänt, men va böring att läsa om mitt orienteringsprov, fisykprov, kväljningar på sexualkunskapen. Nej. Läs en bok istället fördetta, hejdå.</div> <div><a href=
I photographed with some girls from my class and I got this picture of Lisa. It got to be the best picture of the year and it sure is a big favorite of mine. This was one of the last warm days in September.
<font size="6" face="georgia"><b>Please.</b></font> <div>Hello. Don't judge. Jag kunde &nbsp;inte klona bort tishan och tishashopskylten för jag har "redigerat" bilden i Picnik. Förutom det så har jag det rätt så gött här nere i Trogir och om fem dagar ska jag hem. (bingo!) Det bingiga med det är självklart att jag ska flyga igen. Hoho! Flygresan ner hit var fett smooth och jag såg ett A380 i Frankfurt! oh. Jag trodde jag skulle dö. Visserligen var det inte så stort som jag hade föreställt mig men jag såg inte hela. Jag taxade förbi den i rättså hög hastighet. Men det är defenitivt ett av mina top 5 livs bästa stunder! &nbsp;<br /></div>
Well now it's december and I'm here. In my summerhouse in Trogir, Croatia. December was. . .starting this blog. Colouring my hair red, buying 3 pair of shoes and seeing an Airbus A380 with my own eyes. And I've been having a fight with my mind if I should stay at frenchclass or just quit. I talked to the college counselor and realized I need the points for university later. The more points the better future so I'll just keep suffering a year and a half.

And now we're just replacing the last 1 in 2011 with 2 so we get 2012. Our lives aren't going to be brand new as everyone seem to think. Just the same old kliché. With a new year comes new opputunities, yes. But it doesn't change your identity to change a number in the calender.


8B, 7B, 2H, Fineliners, White posca.
I don't own a scanner. Sorry. I really have to get one. . but the little text on the side with failed grammar (as it is supposed to be) says "I'm your friend. I give you air to breahe. Food to eat. But you. You're my enemy. You poison me. I'm scared. /Child of nature."
It's a work in progress. As you all can see it really needs to be polished. I want darker shadows. And her cheek is pretty messed up, really need to fix and the nose needs a job. Too bad Steve Job's dead. . guess I'll just have to find another one. But hope y'all notice it's the four elements if not; NEWSFLASH, YOU'RE A RETARD! (No offense)


So here they are. My latest bought diamonds, especially the shoes that I payed 15 bucks for. (99SEK) 
Funny story. . the shoes. I checked my email afteris  class so I saw this message from Members that said it was 99:- at Nelly shoes and I totally freaked out when I saw all the superhot shoes. Me and my friends were on our way to the canteen when I was ordering shoes from my iPhone (which was freaking hard) so I had to do it while we were sitting and eating and so the "Kioskmongo" the dude who works in the cafeteria came up to me and reminded me of how mobilesphone aren't allowed in the canteen and I was like "Man. Shut up. I'm ordering shoes, really damn hot shoes that are soo cheap so NO I'm not putting down my mobile. Sorry" and he was like "Turn off that cellphone" and stubborn as I am; "NO, DON'T YOU GET IT? I'M ORDERING SHOES. SHOES. S-H-O-E-S" Haha and he gave up. Which man can take that oppurtunity from a shoefreak? Im going to tell you that. No man can do that. Hell to the yes!
Well rest of the diamonds were pretty cheap. The Deer and the doublering are both from New Yorker and the rest is from Accesorise (or however you spell that)


Hell to the yes. You want a pair of JC shoes for the price of .. nothing? LIke 60-70 bucks?
The sale starts at 12.00 at Do you want to become a member aswell? Just comment this post and include your email and I'll send you an invitaition. (With an invitation you become a member directly and you get 50 SEK to use however you want on the site) Without invitation you have to wait 3-4 bankdays to get your membership so if you want a pair of JC. Get an invitation at first. 
As said; Just leave your email in a comment and I'll send the invitation :)


Blue. Blue as turqoise, blue as the sky, blue as the ocean or blue as ice. There's so many kind of blue and I love them all! Turqoise and Navy gets first place though . . . and you know what looks freaking great with blue? Red hair. I'll go all for blue+red and green+orange this summer. I think I might make a whole collection out of only Palmtree-colours. I got the idea from staring at a palmtree by the ocean. (It sounds like I'm at a exotic and hot place, I'm having 8+ down here. And I'm in Croatia). Well I think Palmtrees are the most fashionable trees on our earth. The green leaves with the orange . . .stuff hanging down. Perfect.
What are you going to wear this summer :D? 
(And don't say white shirt, black jeans and a silver choker because that style is so d-e-a-d)


I am beautiful. I love my face. I'm all chubby-faced and yes I have a chronically smile. All you just read wasn't a lie at all. :)
Now to the more serious talk; I covered my face because the hairdresser messed my hair pretty bad and I felt like I was walking naked in town because basicly. . . everyone stared at me as if they knew nothing and I was a walking INFO sign.


So I walked by a salon and told dad I want to colour my hair red and I walked out that salon as a red poodle 1 and a half hour later. I realized I'm quite impulsive . . . like. . .who the f* passes by a salon and decide to get a new haircolour? Most people I know think about that stuff for months. Well I think about it for ten seconds.
Like mum about my new shoes that are like 14cm tall? "You bought these shoes just for the sake of buying shoes, right?" - "Uhm. . I'll learn to walk in them sooner or later!"
So. What do you think? Flipp or flopp? And flipp is the good one . . .


Only Tracy Chapman understands how I feel when the plane is accelerating for takeoff. The feeling can't be described with only words but music is just the perfect thing to describe everything.
When I'm on the runway - the airplane runway - I feel that I can be someone. And you know what? I'm totally over my fear of flying. I think what I needed was  kick in the ass, heavy turbulence. And I think I can really make it as a pilot. . . the only thing I've ever heard from people is that I will be the worse pilot ever and I couldn't do anything but agree since I kind of suck at Flight Simulator X but it hit me how nerdy I am when I pretty much handled the flaps of our aircraft by my mind. And dad who was a nerd once in time was going to explain everything to me "Now they are checking everything so it sure works" and I'm like "Dad. . . I knooow!"
I feel the engine. I feel the flaps. When you can feel that, you can fly.


I want this bag for my 15th birthday, dad.
I just happen to be quite lost . . . I can't decide blue or purple hair. I'm getting a dropdye this summer because my hair is growing like summergrass and when summer is here I will have the perfect page-cut. I regret cutting my hair because I want long hair for summer but I don't regret cutting it because It's healthy now and growing really fast so If you have a chronic bad hair day and look good in short hair: Cut it off.
My hair turned from Einstein-look-a-like to a Schampoocommercial-look-a-like.


sugarhigh and lovestoned
sugarhigh and lovestoned
sugarhigh and lovestoned
I'm dreaming away to nowhere with contrymusic and pictures on my 11" laptop.
I need to find that golden place I can really call nowhere.  That one single place in the world I know nothing and nothing knows me. I think under the phoenix starsky would be my perfect nowhere. And then when I found that nowhere, somewhere . . . I want to find that nobody to be the only one I would bring to my nowhere. I want to dance in the desert with only some pieces of garbage on my body. I want to feel as free as when I fly, I want to feel that free with my feet on the ground. I miss breathing.


Im really sorry but today I dont have any pictures to offer, Im still trying to figure this keyboard out. Ive atleaste changed from Croatian keyboard to English but its not making any more sense actually . . . I just want to have internet on my own laptop with swedish keyboard but no . . . lets just forget about that because I cant install the driver. Today is christmas eve. . . as yall probably know so I shouldnt have to inform you about that and well. . . Daddys sleeping, Anna is at Kornelijas place and Im here, by the computer as every other chrismas eves the last five years. Hallelujah!
I also just have to tell you this . . .IVE SEEN AN A380 WITH MY OW FRIKKIN EYES! I SAT ON THE PLANE, WE WERE STANDING IN LINE TO TAKEOFF AND THERE IT WAS. . . THE BIRD OF ALL BIRDS. AHHH . . .  I couldnt belive my own eyes, at first I was like ''wow dude, that plane looks retarded...'' and then it hit me! Ofcourse it didnt look retarded! Such a beautiful bird. . . my dear lord I was happy as I dont know what at that moment. Totally the moment of the year.


In 24 hours I'll be down in my fourth home, Croatia. The picture is from summer 2010. Can't belive it's been 1½ years . . . feels just like yesterday! I had "long! hair and a more childish face. Time's been going so fast I can't belive it! I've been to Croatia only for summer and now it's going to be 10 degrees, I won't be able to take walks in a tanktop and bath in the pool all day long . . . it's going to be weird! But there's a little baby to play with . . . my stepsister gave birth to a little girl 4 months ago and I love little babies! When they turn 5 and annoying, throw them out ;)
Well the update will be even worse than when I'm home. But don't worry lovers, I'll be shopping and photographing - a - lot. ♥


This song is kind of giving me the whole "I'm-fourteen-and-i-need-to-get-married-before-2012-happens-because-I-need-to-have-a-wedding-with-this-song" feeling. . . And the facial expression for that smile is like a gigglin' smile and wet eyes. Well hell to the yes; Sleeping Sickness is M-A-D as in Men At Dreams.
I kind of like how good male singers are always so cute'n'ugly :] Besides from . . . .  a coupel of dudes including Robert of the Pattinson.
I need to have on of those. Yupyup. And he'll have to use one of those "teeth bracers with teeth on them" ala "Robertofthepattionson-look-a-like". And here we have him. Stevey Mc. Dreamy.


I actuallt want navyconverse and that bag from Kan Dee pretty bad. And a navy beaniehat. I love that colour. And the jeans. I love them, unfortunately jeans from runwaydreamz are 150 bucks. Lucky you my swedish readers; Look forward to spring. I really do! I can't tell the big secret, because I'll ruin the secret! (Obviosly)
Ah I just want to say it. . . since I've said A! But since it's all only some plans that leans on how much money I'll have rolling in after christmas I don't want to promise you guys anything. You know; first think, then do, then talk. Not think, talk, and end up doing nothing. ♥


Spell SS11/12

Spell SS11/12SOURCE.
When I see the pictures from Spell and the Gypsy I think of these words "Youth novels" which happens to be Lykke Li's most awesome album ever.
I want to do this very great photoshoot this summer, with a lot of inspiration from Spell & the gypsy. And I want to paint my room in a nude tanned colour and put up a giant DIY dreamcatcher so I'll never have no more nightmares. And I want to put up the words "I Can Fly" on my roof.
If I'm a lucky fellar and I get in to that flightcamp I'm applying for, by the end of the summer I will actually be able to fly. For real. To fly. A real airplane.


Such beautiful girl and such beautiful girl. Event though I have some kind of crush on monochrome I want to be pink, red, yellow, purple, green, blue. . . I want to be everything this summer! And I've decided for 2012 to become perfect because that's exactly what we naive teenagers do at cold winters, isn't it? We give new year promises as never hurt anyone, get the perfect body, stop biting our nails, not fight with any teachers. We are still children with wild fantasies. We are crossing the states with the perfect boy with that perfect long brown hair and a beard he's been growing for ten hours and oh dear, those very uncommon catgreen eyes and colgate teeth. He even has the same taste in music as you have, that's why destiny decided to bring you together. Your car engine stops in the middle of death valley 2am and you end up kissing under the ocean of stars. You have that very best friend that keeps your secrets no matter what, she has the perfect hair and you're totally jealous of it. You own that perfect pair of jean and you dye your hair in some silly colour to regret it three minutes later.
And oh damn all you do wish for is those Jeffrey Campbell shoes and for the time to go faster so you can grow up and do whatever you want.


All homeworks for this year is done. Today is my best mama's birtday, she's getting one years younger just so you all know. Dad and stepmom are coming over and we're all eating cake and act as what we are; a big happy family. Tomorrow is prom, I'm 20cm taller than my date and my dress doesn't fit too good, oh was I supposed to look forward to it? Well just hoping it gon' be fun!


Who feelin jelly? Rihanna is so beautiful. Her style is a-mazing. Her hair is to die for, well I would change hairstyle three times a week if I could afford it . . . and she's actually the only celebrity with a badass attitude I appreciate. Somehow. It's not very me-ish to like people like Rihanna, but I don't know. She's got a bright-side of the whole bad-ass attitude. And the songs "we found love" and "You da one" are just so great. Yo da one makes me happy.


I'm not a big fan at all of Muse, I just happen to hate them until' I found this song. Enjoy!
It makes me want to dance. They should just totally play this one at prom on thursday. . . . hmm!


Well this dears, is my favoritesong of all times.
"Ni kan skratta om Ni vill
Håna oss
Vi rör oss, Ni står still..."
"You can laugh if you want.
Despise us.
We're moving you're standing still"

Peope will always tell you in life, there's thing you can't do. And well; the greates pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do. People have always told me I can't fly. But there will be a day when my plane will accelerate at the runway and I'll take-off. I will fly, free as a bird I will fly.


Blurry pictures, all of my summer albums are filled with blurry pictures. And at every single picture I wear these slip-on sneakers that are just . . . not comfortable at all and at end of the summer my feet were literally bleeding, well I have some kind of foreverbleeding thing . . . and somehow I'm suffering bloodphobia. I'm not scared of my own blood, I'm just vampirish when it comes to my OWN blood. When I'm bleeding somewhere I'm like "Eh, whattheheck" and lick it up. When someone else is bleeding, my knees turn into Jell-O!
Airplanes. I haven't flied this summer. I'm flying in eleven days. Last time I flied was like 3rd of March. Depressing. I have no good experiences of flying in the winter so I don't know if I'm supposed to really look forward to this trip . . . ?
Takeoff from Lissabon last winter was a total disaster and I cried all the way to Senegal, first when the plane touched down safely I stopped crying. It was a bad storm in Lissabon that day, many of the flights were actually cancelled. But mine wasn't, all there was to say was "FML, god save the queen" And ofcourse, the queen is me.
Landing in Gothenburg a cup of winters ago . . . landed with a small City-jet when it was the storm "Per", oh dear I said my last prayers, asked god to forgive me for all my sins. That I think was the worst flight in my whole life, but just wait til' the day I become a pilot. I'll probably experience som burning engines, locked landing gear or broken flaps.

"Simon, take a pic for me will ya?" Well and since he loves the camera and so he did. But he's got too large hands to handle the camera. Poor boy.


Linnea is sooo one of my biggest inspirations out there, such a wonderful girl. She has a great taste, the most beautiful hair. And well - she's just awesome. She was one of the first I fell for at Lookbook, which is a great page for those who didn't know about it. To see more of Linneas look, visit her blog och her lookbook :)!


Gucci fall 2008, winter 2009. Source.
So what do you guys think? Can we mend the old trend? Personally I've seen some Aztec-pattern coming up at places. This iPhone-case Lisa just blogged about. And this bustier lovely Kenza recently blogged about.  Well, If Jeffrey Campbell has plans in making a monochrome aztec-patterned Lita's they are going to be mine in an instant, even if I'll have to rob a bank. But well. . . for the summer I think aztec is going to be the new american-flag. Hate to say it all aztec-lovers and trendhaters. . . . But I have this weird feeling I see into the future. Everyone walking around in their aztec-skirt with random flats and a loose top and rayban's and ofcourse the legen-dar-ic armcuff. And spikes. Because I adore spikes. And I think after the Lita-spike panic spike is going to be the new thing, well spike has always been a thing. But just saying it won't stop being a thing this summer. . .