Well hello real world. I'm back from where the real models gets no goosebumps and stumbling on heels. It was fun but on the other hand . . . awkwarrwd. We were on the runway with more like . . .  festive vintage clothing while the other 10 girls and 1½ men were wearing promdresses and tuxedos.

All the styilist said was "Laid back rockabilly" and I was all "kid-with-balloon-happy". I'm a massive fan of the time of the rockabillys. Hellyes! Their hair .  . . . clothes. . . bandanas!

Check out the peoples faces. . . all staring at her shoes. Haha my dear friend is just another walking in high high heels pro. Give her mount everst, she'll walk it.

And yes yes. Kiss kiss hugs hugs. Had a great day even though it was freezing and stressing we both had a dream come true :)

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din blogg är riktigt grym jag undrar om du har något objektiv till kameran (isåfall vad) och vilket pogram redigerar bilderna med?: D

2012-02-05 @ 19:21:51

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