Honey, we need miracles.

Shorts from the collection. I just really can't wait to start selling. Gosh.  I just want you guys to see the collection.
Well, guess what? Found the apparment of my dreams and I am going to the bank next week and start a new special HSB saving and start saving points so I can get the apparment next year. Suca beautiful apparment in probably the best place in Västerås, and the rent wasn't that horrible. If I can't get it next year I'll just take it when I'll start study College in 4 years.

Discount on samples of freedom.

Let's commit the perfect crime. I'll be your not very even stocking and you'll be my sandals.

Tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart?

Dancing to Mumford & Sons. I am just about the happiest girl dancing on this earth, even though my current roleplay is really sad, and makes me drop a tear or two, the real me, in reality is just about euphoric. 
I need to stop be so into my roleplay that it makes me sad, I feel like her. Sometimes I wish I was her, even though she is some days living in hell where love and hate meets. Many days, she's on a nother planet, where she is the luckiest girl, with her lover. On another planet where they are inlove. Even though she spends too many days down in hell, it is always worth it in the end. At the moment, we are stuck in hell. Not knowing wether we'll come back or not.

You're beating my heart.

Timed post.
@ hotlikehell all freaking day long. On our dedline. Can't wait for everything to be done. . . I don't have the time to fcous on school and I don't have the time to focus on work because it is all just really messed up right now, but I am trying my best to handle it and Sunday it will all be over. Everything will be done.

Don't say it's over, say it just started.ure

Stress is tearing me apart. My eyes are dry as sand and my head is just spinning around so bad. It has been like 30+ degrees aswell today and I haven't had much water to drink and the night is so hot! Doesn't feel like Sweden, but I hell love it! 
Now I have just three weeks left of school, three weeks left of the no-air, prisonlike area where the youth rottens and are expected to behave like we are still children but act mature. Three weeks left of hell, then I am on 2½ months permission before I am going back to my last year in there .

När du halkar med din tunga på en bokstav i mitt namn ♥

I solen är skolgården fylld av damm, allting är tomt, tyst, spegelblank. Jag glömmer att vi glömt allt om varann. Alla har vi fastnat hos någon någonstans.
Som i en ljudlös, svartvit hallucination, är marken sedd uppifrån bron. Vi kisade mot kameran och log.

Vi viker oss på asfalten av skratt, ingenting kan röra oss inatt. Ibland så dör jag litegrann när du halkar på en bokstav i mitt namn.

Jesus walked on water and Adam lived for 930 years.

Now it is all over for my friends and I wont get to hear "Oh no... it's thursday, it's reading after school" Haha!
Church sucked as usual, but had a great time afterwards. First at Emmie's dad's place with great food and one hell of a funny brother of hers. After that it was cookie-time at Cutiepiegrandma's place with all her siblings. They are just the cutest people ever! We had pillowfights with teddies and are a lot of cookies and drank soda. 
Oyes, today was a good day ♥ 
And I also talked to my very awesomecake friend Karro and guess what? We are going to vacation together. Fuck yeaah!

Once upon a time I went gingerbread.

Just because anything but red is for losers.
I adore my new haircolor and now I am heading for church and brag a bit about it ;*
Haha oh no, my friends all are confirming their heart and souls belongs to Jesus Christ . . .
Whatever, cia!

It's not like I haven't gone through it before.


Sometimes we lose ourselves. In the forest, on the beach, in our homes. We just lose our minds, and looking for it again is like searching for the needle in a haystack. Still, we search and we pull ourselves together.
Darling, they call it strength. But we know it's patience.
Because we are weak, so weak that we fall.

I am so happy. . . I'm so happy. . .so happy, so happy!

I am so happy I am farting fizzybubbles! For once, I feel like this life is taking me somewhere. It is hell sure not every day you get a call home you are going to host a fashionshow with one of your best friends for your clothingline! 
Yes, Hotlikehell fashionshow is not only dreams, it is official.
I am so happy I am listening to Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald.
I am so happy I am burping rainbowns.
I am really fucking happy.

He is . . . fizzybubbles.

Vest: Hotlikehell//Pullover:2hand//Jeans:2hand//Shoes:H&M(recolored)//Bag:Ginatricot

I know, Then I don't know. Then all in a sudden I fucking know. Then I just don't know. Whatever kind of game it is you play with me, you gotta learn me the rules.

I've spent fifteen years singing gravity away but the rain keeps falling from the sky.

I can almost tip on my toes! This picture did hurt like hell.
For the first time in a long time I don't feel stressed at all. Next week we have 2 days of school. 5 days of freedom. Two days with my sister. One day with my friend. Just a whole lot of awesomeness!
I've been doing pretty good this week. . . really good actually. I even nailed a B in french. . . yes now we are talking! If I just wrote "Sont" instead of "Est" I would get a freaking A. But I guess life is a bitch and there will be a lot of second chances.
What I am concerned about is that my mentor said I am probably getting worse grades this year. . . I feel like I've been slaving this whole year, last year I just really chilled. . . didn't care too much. This year I had a dream, so I've been a slave of school. I've been doing everything my teachers told me, tried to improve, but here I am. Sitting on my ass with a warning for worse grades.
You know what? I think I might not even look at my grades this year. I'll just burn them before opening that letter. I know I worked as hard as I can, I've been giving my all, put my freaking soul in to school and I need NO ONE to put a letter on the work I've done because I know I worked hard, and for me, that is enough.

Emphasise the little words in the whole song.

Hotlikehell material, bro'
The rain is pouring down and I've been walking around with the worst headache ever all day long, and you want to know what? I still feel like a princess. 
I've cleaned my room and made my bed, added another masdrass and jeehze. . .finally I will get to sleep like I deserve ;)!
Now I am just taking it chillax with Raspberry smoothie, facemask and movie ♥
How's your day been?

This young generation.

I can be a poet when I feel like it, actually.
I go to the school that's been classified as the worst school in Sweden. And first today I saw the reason. 
Still feel sick, like literally. I feel like I need to puke. My stomach is twisted with anger and despair. And I want to puke.
I think I might go to theraphy. Like seriosly. Because when I was sitting on the bus home from school&work today, I thought, what if I hit my head so hard against the window, so it brakes. Then I can take a piece of glass and cut my veins off, and slaughter my brain. 
That's what we learn in school. FIY.
I need to sleep now, really. Before I literally slaughter myself.

Your words are like nails on a chalkboard.

Every cell of my fragile body is shaking. I have just about never been this mad in my whole entire live. I feel sick, humiliated and just about 100% suicidal.
Monday-Friday I wake up every morning to go to school. I go to school because this democartic country says I have to, and I want to go to school. I love to learn. But, every day I feel humiliated by teachers. I feel like they are pushing me to the ground, spitting me in my face. And I do react when teachers treat me like a piece of shit, I do get a bad attitude and I can't control my anger. I wish I could, I really wish I could. But I can't. 
And after that I got treated badly in school. I come home to hear I've got problem with my attitude and I am so dissrespectful and when I try to tell people how I really feel, how I, and all the other students with arguments get treated. But all they say is "I don't know who I should belive because the teachers say you behave really bad at school".
One teacher started a rumor about me, I know it sounds so pathetic, but it's true. We had a fight and she told the whole school I am messy and disrespectful, because we had one fight.
Now my family has lost their trust in me, and so has the teachers. 
And I feel sick to my guts about the way we get treated, at school and at home.
I just wish somebody could actually belive me when I tell them about the situation at my school.
If it wasn't for my dream, I would drop out of school, because I can't handle feeling like this.


Era frågor besvarade. Hell to the yes!

Berätta lite om Hotlikehell
Jadu. Hotlikehell heter min & min coola kompis Emmies klädkollektion. Vi pysslar med att re-designa. Vi gör främst shorts men under sommaren kommer även några "Limited Editions" släppa och mer om det kan jag inte säga för det är en hemlighet!
Vi kommer (antagligen) att ha en modevisning i Hyltebruk den 26 maj och alla som är intresserade av att komma/ansöka om att vara modell är mer än välkomna att maila mig på thefashiontist@hotmail.com.
Vi kommer förhoppningsvis börja med photoshoots nästa vecka som antagligen kommer hålla hus i Halmstad och om någon är intresserad av at
Vi kommer att ha shorts (och annat) i alla tänkbara storlekar från XXS-L. Tyvärr kan jag inte komma på ett jeanspar just nu som är XL men det trillar ständigt in nytt. Alla har en unik design som jag och Emmie gör helt själva från scratch.
Priserna kommer variera från runt 350+. Det ligger många sårade händer, blåsor och svett, blod och en hel del frustrerade tårar bakom varje plagg och alldeles för många timmar och viktigaste av allt; Kärlek.
Shortsen kommer att lanseras i början av Juni på våran "Hotlikehell" blogg och all försäljning kommer ske via tradera.
Vi besvarar ej frågor om hur man gör saker & ting eller inköpsställen. Inköpsställen för nitar kan jag ju säga att ingen av oss vet själv förutom att det är någonstans i Amerika. Alltid bra med privata inköpare ;)
Fler frågor? Bara släng in en kommentar! ♥

Hur sätter du upp ditt hår?

Vad har du för kamera?
En skruttig kamerajävel, en Nikon D3000, objektiv med halvtrasig autofokus och ett kamerahus som reagerar ca. 20 minuter efter klicken. Kabääm! Så avancerad är jag :)

Hur sminkar du dig?
Med tanke på att jag knappt sminkar mig tänker jag inte avancera med att göra en hel video. Till vardags har jag bara mascara. Känner jag mig extra ful på morgonen och har extra mycket tid har jag även eyeliner + rouge. Men mer avancerat än så är det inte .

Vad använder du för program när du regierar?
Photoshop CS5. Kungligt ♥
och säg inte "Jag vet inte hur man använder photoshop" för belive me, youtube is your new best friend.

Fota manuellt, för guds skull. Om du inte kan det finns det tutorials på det över hela bloggvärlden om hur allt det där med slutare/bländare/ISO osv. Men luras inte av deras inställningar, bara lär dig på ett ungefär. Man ska testa själv med ett ljus som är bekvämt för dig!
Experimentera med ljus.
Efterbehandla i photoshop, gör vad du vill med bilden, manipulera den om du nu vill det. Använd alla färger du kan komma på. Lek, ha roligt, upptäck nya saker.
Fota från knepiga vinklar och fota knepiga saker!

If your dream doesn't scare you, It is not big enough.

Saturdayinspiration from We♥it.

I want to fly and make a rainbow with colored smoke at some random airshow in some random country. Then I want to grow long hair and build a house by the ocean with a swing in the backyard. And I want to look as rad as a human can possibly look. Then I want to find true love and watch the eiffel tower with him, kiss and film with super8 film. And I want to be a model for just one day for elle, wearing a flowerprint skirt. And I want a flower print blazer with studs. And I need Marilyn Monroe to live again, everybody does. And I want him to whisper those words. Just to hear them once will strengthen my fragile soul.
They say I'm strong, I'm strong, I'm strong. It's true. I am strong. Strong people don't just bend. They break.

Elva svar. Elva frågor.

Blev utmanad av fina Emilia.
För er som inte vet vad detta är (för det visste inte jag fören nu):
• Du som blir utmanad ska svara på frågorna som din utmanare gett dig och lägga upp på din blogg.
• Efter det ska DU utmana elva andra bloggare med DINA frågor.
Förstått? Let's go! ♥

1. Vilken är din bästa frukost?
Brämhults juice och polarbröd och mammas chai, solsken och de bästa vännerna en människa kan ha, den är jag nog ganska nöjd ändå.

2. Vad är det bästa med dig?
Kunde det inte vara sämsta istället? Så kunde jag skriva en hel bibel för er som gillar biblar.
Hm. Det bästa med mig. Kanske att jag har ingen kämparglöd utan snarare kämpareld. Jag ger inte upp fören jag får det jag vill ha, sådeså. Kanske inte så bra, men det är det bästa med mig.

3. Hur skulle du spendera dagarna om du var ledig hela nästa vecka?
Honestly. Jag skulle ruttna framför datorn och gå på toa med öppen dörr bara för att jag kan. Dra igenom en hel serie på 1channel.ch. Leta efter ett liv utan att något finna.

4. Om du skulle få byta partner med någon, vem skulle det vara?
Ingen på hela jorden faktiskt. Vet ingen som är tillsammans med min drömkille? Hm. . . Drömkillen får du läsa om lite längre ned bland frågorna!

5. Vilken är din favoritfilm, alla kategorier?
Favorit romantiska: Herre-min-jesus-kristus vad svårt! Får säga alla miljoner som är mina favoriter: Titanic, Remember Me, The Notebook, Till we meet again. ♥♥
Favoritkomedi: Just go with it & Grownups
Favoritaction: Blood Diamond ♥ 

6. Vilka bloggar läser du dagligen?
Kenzas & Kan Dee. (mainstream I know) Men bloggar jag läser sådär en-två gånger i veckan kan göras lång. . . Emilia, Linh, Julia, Pelin, Fanny, Fanny. . . )

Bild av Julia på http://devined.blogg.se/

7. När pussades du senast?
Ja asså om vi pratar pussade på pojkar så var det nog iallafall 7 år sedan sist. Dvs. Ett halvt liv sedan, när man gick i sådär 1an-2an och var kär i alla killar i hela klassen ungefär.

8. Om du fick skapa en Ben&Jerry glass, vad skulle den då innehålla?
HJORTRON! Norrländskt guld for the win! Det skulle vara en söt blandning av riktig vaniljglass (som den i Magnumglass), extra mycket hjortonsylt och mandelkross (som i magnum almond). Skulle det inte bli en riktig superglass?

9. Vad har du på dig just nu?
En dipdyed jeansväst (sehär) med en grå kofta över och ett par söndriga jeans, som faktiskt inte är söndertrasade utan använda så mycket att de gått sönder!

10. Vad faller du för?
Stup? Nej men. Killar som är 190, mörkbrunt stubb & ruffsigt hår. Tydliga ansiktslinjer och genomträngande eller svarta ögon. Snygga magar och djupa, rispiga röster. Och självklart, ska man ha en man ska han fanimej vara en pilot. Punktans slutans. Vart finns du Mr. MqDreamy? 

11. Vilket skulle vara ditt superhjältenamn i din alldeles egna superserie?
Åh. Flygaren. Utan tvekan ♥ Jag antar att ni har listat ut att flyga skulle vara min superkraft också?

Jag utmanar: Amanda, Clara, Linnea, Ida, Emma ♥, Lena ♥, Nathalie ♥, Gina, Elin, Hedvig, Felicia

Mina frågor till er:
1. Om ni fick leva en låt, vilken skulle det vara?
2. Vad är din absolut största & högsta dröm?
3. Beskriv hur du vill inreda din alldeles egna första lägenhet.
4. Vem skulle du byta garderob med?
5. Beskriv ditt drömbröllop.
6. Vilka länder i varje kontinent vill du besöka?
7. Vilken är din sämsta vana?
8. Vad älskar du med dig själv?
9. Hur är & ser den perfekta pojk/flickvännen ut i dina ögon?
10. Vilken kärlek tycker du är vackrast att läsa om i böcker?
11. Vilka 3 saker på din inköpslista ligger allra längst upp?

Then you just decided, love wasn’t for you.

We decided to have breakfast outside, because it was hot and the sun was shining, and we were tired, lazy and happy.
We bought the best juice in the world. Brämhults. Dopeness, it's the bestest of the elite juice, beats tropicana by miles.
Sanna liked breakfast in the garden.
Karro enjoyed her hot cup of chai in the hot sun. Now that doesn't make scene, but bitch please, life just doesn't.
And Sanna just had to photograph me while doing my regular morning-makeout to a sandwich.
I know my life seems just way too glamorous, but don't get those ideas up. This shit happens ever 13445 year. I should totally do it at every good weather slee-power from now on. It was wonderful, and to thereafter just lay in the sun like an egg. Then buy eyescream and have a photoshot. Then eat. Then it was time for my homies to leave me forever alone, that forever aloness lasted just about a couple of minutes until Simon and co. came over for dinner. 
Had a great Valborg, a super great Valborg ♥

The ones who protect themselves will never fall inlove, or get hurt.

Pictures by Sanna
I love it to have it B/W, blurry and noisy. I might even adore it. Yesterday and today was so fun ♥ Ah. Just had a taste of summer, now we have to suffer through 5 weeks of school . . .! Then me and my co. worker and also very awesome friend Emmie is heading for that AIRCAMP. And I, I am going to fly!!!!!!!!!!!

Twist and shout, just never doubt.

Top: Gina tricot//Shorts:Bikbok//Wallet:Monki//Shoes:UNKNOWN
Feels like the past 24 hours has been just one day! Yesterday I emptied my wallet in town on a new perfume, after that I went for some BBQ by the lake with my bestiest friends. Chicken, potatoesallad and laughter and bombfires, great night. Great night. Today we've had the hottest day of the year and it was shorts premiere for me. Can't describe this feeling, I just love southern Sweden ♥
I'll post pictures in a bit x