We all begin as strangers

People always leave.
It's so hard to let them touch you, you're so afraid it'll hurt so you lock your door and you give up. You give up every daydream and every thought and you let your mind wander across the white roof as the music floods in your veins. You try so hard to just feel for once, you try to cry, you try to hurt yourself, you try to feel.
Then comes the day,
when it all falls to pieces.
The ones you love, they leave.
The music you played so many times sounds like a broken guitar in your ears. 
The heartbeats, are quiet.
You're angry. You're sad. You're in pain. 
And now you're hiding everything you once tried to show, so they won't notice you're a freak.

Postat av: Sofia


Svar: Tack!!
Fatima Krantz

2012-11-11 @ 17:52:23
URL: http://byfia.com
Postat av: p h i c s . b l o g g . s e - Linnea -

Är det du på bilderna ? :D

Svar: Japp det är det :)!
Fatima Krantz

2012-11-13 @ 11:26:14
URL: http://phics.blogg.se
Postat av: Madde

Asså Fatima! Ditt hår,så sjuuukt fint! <3

Svar: Åh tack finis ♥♥
Fatima Krantz

2012-11-13 @ 17:40:15
URL: http://madeleneahlstrom.blogg.se
Postat av: It's meee

Amen sis'... (Jag är inte alls lite efter..) ;)

2012-12-23 @ 01:24:02

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