The pretty of the sun won't shine. I'll be coming up to meet you I'll be there to make you mine.

Air Traffic - Shooting star.
I am just another human who wants to have a photoshot. This is some inspo from Tumblr. ♥ Can't wait for June and for hotlikehell to open and for I don't know. . . flying? Meet summerfriends back in Croatia, walk around in the best shorts ever. Having a trillion photoshoots. Fall inlove with new icecreams. Eat too much frozen yoghurt. Save money for Singapore. Finish 8th grade. BBQ fiestas! Love . . . ?
What are you longing for?

Tell me, did Venus blow your mind?

Aviators + Lennons = ♥
I am so tired and I just need it to become summer and I need to gain courage. I am always so scared of losing when there is actually nothing to lose but I am the best at losing everything. I screw up but everything somethingn new is coming in the way I am so scared of flying, taking my steps out of the nest. Why can't it be reversed?
I just have to make sure I want it badly enough and I'll squeeze what courage I have inside of me.

Stud it make it hot, trash it like a boss.

So what do you say. Hotlikehell or notlikehell?
Been working our asses off. Studding is probably the worst part. . haha! The coloring process takes so many hours! I think, behind the advanced shorts there is around 3-6 hours of work! It's insane, isn't it? 
Now noddletime then study then hopefully more work. We have another month to finish the other 20 pair of jeans. . . It's been taking us like a month to do 8 pair. . haha!

Now she's back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair.

Hello there applepies! Here is todays outfit, just like that. My hair has been growin so much! 10 months ago I cut all my hair off (for those who did not know) and I had just like 2cm at some spots and the longest part was my bangs which were I think about 7-8cm. Ofcourse I had to cut it again when it grew out to an even length but now I have about 20cm long hair!
People keep telling me, oh go short again and others ask my why the hell I cut off all my hair. Well this is it people; I do whatever I want with my hair and it is really non of your business. And yes I want to let it grow now.
I still did not color my hair. . . lol. My color now is quite funny with my orange dipdye which is supposed to be purple but I don't know if I am going to London on Monday or not?! If I am I am soo visiting a hairsalon there and make my hair look dope!

Alabama Arkansas, I do love my Ma'n'Pa not the way I love you.

Now let us skip this pastel-monochrome style that all in a sudden is on everyones bodies. It's too much minimalism for my eyes to handle. I am more for patterns and colors and love. When I think of pastells I think about a shy little blonde girl. I think pastels are lovely, just not when you wear every piece of garment on your body init - just too much.
Well here is a pattern and colorbomb. Superpink knot-shirt. Lovely stonewashed shorts. Golden jewels, Mockingjay earrings, leopard shoes. I would wear this outfit everyday.
Let me know what you think about it! Would you wear it? What do you like the most about it?

Looking for signs in bohemian sky.

I was just infected my this virus called chronical smile. And yes Ebba Zingmark, one of my fashionidols did just push the hypebutton on my look .. . And mami made soup pour hungry petite moi! Life's just kinda chill. Like really chill. As in weather is chilly, ugh.

He shows me, he knows me every inch of my tar black soul.

School. Morning. Waking up. Trying to make something out of myself. Study. Work. Work. Study.
Words I just can't handle at this moment. You want to know the worst part? Easter holiday is not regular one week, it's a weekend. Fri-mon. Now, you want to know the best part? I just found a flightticket to London for 25 bucks. Now obviosly it is Ryanair and I do not want to support them because they do torture their pilots but dude. . . I miss London with every fraction of my tar black soul.

Money is the anthem of success so before we go out, what's your adress?

Photoshot went allright, we ate tons of waffles afterwards, the waffle part was obviosly the best one. Today's outfit is nothing special, just wanted to showoff my new Jacket I got at H&M. It was 50% at all sales so it was 9 bucks. Everyone has one of their own so I feel very uncomfortable with it at this moment but soon as my ticket to London is booked and I've saved up some money I'm ordering new studs and I'm studding that jacket so it looks BADASS.
(And I am really sorry for the poor quality at the picture but I had to cut it by miles and (obviosly) add a lot of gaussian blur to get that hottie there in focus ;) )

Oh now I can't go any further than this.

I've been feeling a little bit classy latley, rather than the rockchica inside of me. Well the worst retouches ever due to stress. Too bad. I am just headin to pregnancy photoshoot, and fiy, I'm not the pregnant one I'm the photographer. LOL.

Life a fucking dream I am living in, baby loves me cause I'm playing on the radio.

Like a cow. A cow released from the cold winter to eat fresh grass. That is me at this moment and now, Mrs. Happycow wants icecream so I am taking this skinny ass of mine to the supermarket to buy ICECREAM!

Btw: Let me know what you think about the shorts! / Förresten låt mig veta vad ni tycker om shortsen!

Summer went hot in California!

And find my inspiration here.
Leo, pink, green and boho golddigger. I would actually die for this outfit. I think I am making a bustier out of all these jeanlegs that we have from the cutoff jeans. . haha! We have about 50 legs and I really want a studded bustier to wear with my freakshow 501's ;)! I shall look for leo plattforms when I am in London, I think they are adorable! Also I will try to buy mucho mucho cosmetics because it's a lot more cheaper there than here! All I need to find now is cheap tickets. . . uhg. Mission impossible!

Levi Strauss & co.

My Instagram is pretty all about Levi's denim and egoshots. Now you go follow me, Je m'appelle Fatimaplace and I do such things as followbacks it you are good enough.
//Min instagram är all about Levi's jeans och egobilder så följ mig. Jag heter Fatimapalce och jag gör saker som att följa tillbaka, om du är bra nog.

Sneeky peekys are hotlikehell.

Myey, finally we have one pair of jeans done! Yey! Yey! Yey! These will obviosly be for sale and it is a pair of Levi's. Studded, dipdyed and fringed. Aren't they adorable? I think I am remaking my own Levis 501 into something like this. The webshow won't be done in a while since we are both up to many things right now, like planning a fashionshow and doing homework and breathing. Well let me know what you think about the shorts!

Blue heavens, blue seas and your iceblue eyes.

Layered blue is a hot trend this S/S. Navyblue with turqouise is my big favorite. I think it is wonderful. It is all heaven meets sea. The two most beautiful things I know colliding and meeting in fashion. My next investment is a navyblue assymetrical chiffon skirt. If anyone knows where I can find it for a decent price you are so very welcome to leave a comment. What do you think about blue meets blue?
// Alla som vet vart jag kan hitta en assymetrisk marinblå chiffongkjol, snälla lämna en kommentar! Det går visserligen bra med långkjol med då jag kan klippa själv.

In this body we live in this body we shall die, where you invest your love you invest your life.

I write and photograph when there is inspiration and right now there is not. I have no idea what to do but I am really freaking out becuase I have so much to do and so little time. I know you're waiting like freaksofnature for the start of Hotlikehell, me and my friends clothingline and I know you're hoping to se decent posts in this blog but I just have to me the same disappointing bitch I always am and say I am sorry but I am trying to make something out of my real life at this moment and that is trying to save my soul by listening to Mumford&Sons and finding clothes to wear tomorrow and clean my room and do my homeworks and make people around me happy and make someone actually like me for who I am and make people understand how I feel and convince people it is not hormones.
Now dear, fucking, earth, I might have troublesome hormones but I have actually got feelings aswell.

Heatwaves across the county.

Untitled #46
Lovely summer outfit. Colorblock, thick eyeliner and the classic pink/red colorcrime. Orange/pink/red is lovely. Defenitly something I will wear this summer. Can't wait to start the spring shopping, I'll go all in for sunny tones and palmprints. Summer is soo coming. . .
What is you favorite of the season? The trendfollower wearing dipdye and neon or are you your own trendsetter?

Sunshine arrived in our hearts.

Weather is soo sunny. It's so hot and I am so happy. The blogdesign with new spring weather. Life just doesn't get any better than this. I'm not going to spend my euphoria here, I'm off to figureskating and before that I need food food food.
But guys; let me know what you think about the new design. Are you having any problem with it? Do you like it? Let me know your opinion. And ofcourse; a menu is on it's way!


Kära bloggläsare. Jag vill självklart att ni ska få se kostnären i mig. Har ni spelet Draw Something så lägg till mig. Heter Thefashiontist. Har ni inte spelet, ladda ner det och sedan lägg till mig. Grymt kul spel och finns för både iPhone & Android!
På wordfeud & Instagram heter jag Fatimaplace.


Neon is the new black! Well not really. . . But it can make any boring outfit look like sunshine! I would really not say no to a pair of neon heels or the neon Cambridgesatchel that we've seen at Fanny Lyckman & Kenza Zuoiten lately. I think the best way to match your neon accesories is with pastelle clothes. It gives a beautiful break-in in the whole light&romantic pastelles. Also a great match with you romantic lace dress and rock boots! I love contrasts between different styles, especially romantic & rock. R'n'R forever ;)!

//Neon är det nya svart! Eller ja, inte riktigt. . . Men det kan få din tråkiga outfit att se ut som solsken! Jag skulle absolut inte säga nej till ett par neonklackar eller en Cambridgesatchel i neon som vi har satt hos bla. Kenza Zouiten och Fanny Lyckman. Det bästa sättet att matcha din neonaccesoar är med de trendiga pastellerna. Det ger en riktigt snygg kontrast i alla de ljusa&romantiska färger. Det är även perfekt att matcha med din spetsklänning och ett par rockboots! Jag älskar kontraster mellan olika stilar, speciellt romantisk&rock. R&R föralltid!


Very good morning. The weather is grey and there is still yesterday's snow on the ground. I am drinking my tasty cup of tea and listening to dream-away music but I just can't wait to come to school and start morning with biology, it is just hallelujah oh so funny, isn't it? And yes Sheldon that was sarcasm. 
I just think y'all should listen to this wonderful song while I am running to the bus, solon'


#Creepypose & #Tryingtobeafigureskaterbutfailing
This is probably the most easy and comfortable hairdo ever. It takes me two minutes to do it and that is the time I've got for hairstyling at morning. The day I become a professional figureskater, which will never happen, I will wear this updo at my contests. I have way to much homework to do today so I can't post today's look. This tee was just today's underwear.


I drew a straight line across a map of dreams. The start was who I was, the endning is who I was aimed to be.
Dreams of lace lingered on my thigh. Dusty rose silk turned my skin into a brighter shade of gold. It was there. It was right there and I could here it whisper to me, I heard it say "Dreamer, Dreamer fly away. We'll meet again in the airway".
I rested my previous soul by the river nearby. The one made for peace and silence. The soul it gave to me had strenght and courage. The soul it gave to me had faith and desires. The soul it gave to me had the will. The force a soul needed to not just stand by, buy fly.
I wish I could write that Amelia Earheart wrote that because that would be just terrific. But myself, I am a little mini-verision of Amelia. Just that it is 2012 now and nobody will give a fuck if I cross the ocean three times with a Piper Cub. 

KONY 2012.

Obviously there just has got to be anti-groups to this kind of campains and there are many different theories and thoughts but something you can't deny - IQ fish or IQ einstein - is that this is true. The whole "Childrenarmieswithrapedgirlsandfightingboys". Hope you didn't miss out on the movie "Blood Diamond"? We see a lot of it there. This is also the reason why people flee to live in safe places where they are not accepted and sent back . . .to this! Worl is a wicked place, sure is. Children. Human children. It could be your littlesister och it could be you. Kidnapped. If you're a girl, well then go enjoy yourself as a sexslave, if you're a male. Have fun shooting your family. Oh why this? Kony. Joseph Kony, the leader of LRA. 
Well you do have a choice because either you lay back and tell youself "ah, doesn't matter if I share. Everybody else will anyways" and then that makes you the same douchebag as Kony. Or you just share it through facebook and go to bed and feel a tiny bit better about yourself for doing the world a favour. Goodnight.


Inspiration, Inspiration. Well the inspiration is me. Flowers and classical B/W rock'n'roll. 
I don't know why I am doing this when I am really supposed to eat taco and write historyessay. . .
well. Back to work. Even though I hate work. Eating taco ain't work thouh.


Mulberry bag, pucci scarf, lagarconne shirt. . ah. . all of that makes this lovely outfit non-affordadble unless you're a trustfond bitch and that luck I was not born with. I am - for the record - INLOVE with these lovely shoes from Zara. Citrus and snake together is like Horse & Carrige and Love & Marrige. . . obviosly and Zara made that very clear. Snakeprint is also lovely with a more green tone of citrus or a more red tone.
Well the jewels are all from weekday. They have got lovely "clean" jewelery that are perfect to get a "less is more" look. I hate less is more, though. I'm more of the gypsytype, wear whatever I can find in my piece of garbage wardrobe you know. . .
Well are you also inlove with this outfit?

//En outfit ingen har råd med. Eller jag inte har råd med. Pityparty time! Citrus och snake är alldeles underbart, visst är det? Och weekday's stilrena smycken tycker jag är riktigt häftiga även om stilrent inte är min sak utan jag är mer gypsy.


Not the best of me but the best shoes.
I am feeling a lot better today. Got medicine for my coughing and my throat is fine. But I will feel dizzy and tired for another 2-3 weeks because that is just the same old same old. Unfortunately I have to write an essay today and I'm going backt to school tomorrow. I've been too sick for homeworks and now it's all coming like a freaking tsunami on me. Not a wave. Well. Take care, AND DON'T YOU DARE FORGET TO WASH YOU HANDS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT THE FLU.


Jag hoppas att ni inte är ledsna över mitt sega uppdaterande och jag hoppas att ni inte försvinner bara för att det inte ploppar upp några nya inlägg men jag mår så himla dåligt så att jag vet inte vad jag ska ta mig till! Den enda maten jag har fått i mig de senaste dagarna är två tallrikar soppa, två kokta potatisar och en skål med flingor. Ska gå ner och hetsäta tolv korvar nu för jag är så hemskt hungrig! Dessutom är jag uttorkad som pricken över i:et. Jag har hostat som en jäkla galning och jag vet att detta låter himla fånigt, men jag får panik när jag får hostattacker. Jag grips av total panik och idag spydde jag och grät som ett litet barn och rätt som det var kunde jag inte andas. Börjar nästan gråta bara jag tänker på det! Som tur är har jag ingen feber men jag är väldigt utmattad och hostan har skärt upp hela min hals och ska snart bege mig till vårdcentralen och se om de kan göra något åt min andning då min näsa är täppt och det gör så sjusatans ont att andas genom munnen (tack vare min upprivna hals). Känner verkligen inte för att vara sjuk när himlen är klar blå. Usch. Men jag hoppas att ni inte försvinner utan stannar tills jag börjar bli lite friskare och kan lägga upp egobilder där jag inte har en sårig näsa, svarta ringar under ögonen och ser allmänt hängig ut. Puss ♥


Headache, Headache, Headache. Goosebumps. Couching. Pain. Unbearable pain! Well yes it is the spring flu! Just another sign that spring is coming, isn't it? Wow. I'm so a great at being the typical scandinavian optimist. No flaws in nothing. Well It's all been up and down today, during my low-fever, no pain hours I've been trying to work and I managed to get a couple of great shorts that will be sold at the coming webshop. But now it is hopeless, I feel like dying. For real bro'. I don't cry when I'm in pain, I just cry when I am angry. Not when I'm sad either. . .BUT. Today I cried because I was in suchthefreaking PAIN! My whole body is on fire, my head is bursting. Morphine somebody? This must be the same feeling of turning into a vampire. It has to be! I was so close in calling the freaking ambulance because my bloodpressure is racing up against a skyscraper and I was in such a pain I started to loose the little bit of consciousness I still have inside of me. Well, I am going to rest now before my broken lungs totally give up on me!
Hope you're not sad about the bad weekend updating but my painfree hours has been all dedicated to work.


I had the great privilege to have an interview with adoreable Anna-Lena who is a big favorite of mine at She is a girl with an amazing sense of style. She made me love the color I hated the most; minty blue. My next investment is actually a pair of minty-blue jeans. . haha! Too bad that my wallet doesn't allow that at this moment! Well. Thank you so much Anna-Lena and hope you all fall from heaven without a parachute for her style!

Vintage Top, Diy (Southpole) Shorts, Dr. Martens Boots
- What/who is your absolutely biggest inspiration when it comes to clothing?
All my friends, all those wonderful people around me, art and music.
I have just discovered that I am actually a huge fan of art and that it can be so inspiring. I really like artists like Monet, Manet, Degas or Turner.
- What/who is your absolutely biggest inspiration when it comes to clothing?
All my friends, all those wonderful people around me, art and music.
I have just discovered that I am actually a huge fan of art and that it can be so inspiring. I really like artists like Monet, Manet, Degas or Turner.
- If you had the chance to do your own Tee-collection against war. Which would be the "headline" of your tee's?
War is over! (haha, cheers to John Lennon). I would choose it, because I could create a piece of clothing where I can pretend to live in a world full of harmony, because this sadly seems to be an utopia for the real world.
- With which song would you describe your style?
Although this song has nothing to do with fashion, it’s “Around The Bend“ by The Astoroid Galaxy Tour
- If you could chose any piece of garment in this world, which would it be? And it's NON-budget!
Oh that changes so often, but I love the cute dresses from Topshop this season. So I would probably pick this dress:
Rose Lattice Back Sundress
- What is the most important element of an outfit?
The way it is presented!
(Illustration by me, find the outfit here)
- If you could be someone in the fashionindustry, who would it be? (ex. stylist, model, designer etc..)
I would love to be a designer or a fashion photographer. I just watched an documentation about Isabel Marant and she seems to be so impressive and great. Another big role model for me is Annie Leibovitz. She is one of kind and takes the most amazing pictures ever!
- Who would you go on a shoppingspree in Umeå with, Ebba Zingmark or Petra Karlsson?
Haha, actually I would pick Linnea Jacobson as she is the most creative and talented young person I’ve ever seen. But if I had to choose one of them, I would go with Ebba, because I think we might have more in common. Nevertheless Petra is really great and I would also love to meet her.
- Which fashioncity would you want to live in?
New York, then Paris and then I would end up in London.
- Describe your style with three keywords.
Romantic, Casual, Vintage
Http://Unitedstyles.Com Dress, Primark Shoes, Accessorize Bracelets, Primark Ring
- Describe your inspiration with three keyswords.
Art, Friends, Music
- Who would you switch wardrobe with for a lifetime?
Florence Welch! And I would not regret it all!
Lovely Florence in a romantic, vintage lace dress. The dull shoes and the red hair makes an amazing contrast to the soft lace dress.
- Skirt/Shorts > Skirt
- Tee/Blouse > Blouse
- Jacket/Vest > Jacket
- Shoes/barefoot > Shoes
- Jeffrey Campbell/Jimmy Choo > Jeffrey Campbell
- Tea/Coffe > Tea
- Pastell blue/Pastell green > Pastell green
- Heat/Cold (weather) > Cold
- Creepers/Heels > Heels
- Starbucks/Espressohouse > Starbucks
- Quality/Quantity > Quality
- Blog/Lookbook/Tumblr > Lookbook
- New York/Paris > NY
- Tokyo/Bangkok > Tokyo
- iPhone/iPad > iPhone
Well I hope and bet you're all inlove with this wonderful girl by now. Isn't she amazing?


I should've.
But no, I am staring att the mess I made.