Is there a question going around inside your head? You want me to do a tutorial of something? Well. #askmeanything.

We climbed up to the roof with Jack Daniels in our hands and watched the stars grow bigger and more.

I bet you love this Emmie, don't you ;)?
All I want is a pair of leo plattforms. Gosh. And a JD shirt, not that I drink whiskey, haha, but I more than adore the logo. But I want mine to be a bit more chillax with some studs on it. I think I might look for some for the webshop? Wouldn't that be freakintastic? Just croos my heart and hope to find!

Those million things you love & hate about me.

There's all these funny things about us. Or not so funny things. And there's just things, so here we go. 10 things you didn't know about me.
1. I have a fetish for cooking soup, not so for eating it, but cooking soup is like the funniest thing ever because you can put whatever you want in it!
2. I am Swedish/Kenyan as ya'll know. Although, my lastname comes from Germany and my mother is a mix of Omen & Masai & Kiswahili, that kind of makes me Scandinavian, German, Arabic and African. Mixrace, huh?
3. If I go to town with 1000:- I come back with 1100:- less.
4. When I was about 10-12 I was both a complete emo and and a complete "fjortis".
5. I'm an optimistic pessimist. LOL. I see everything from the darkside and I keep convincing myself to see it from a brighter side.
6. I love to work in the garden! (got that from mami..huh)
7. I can clean and cook and it happens once a year that I do it. I bet it's a talent since I never practice it. Haha! Mamma is planning on marrying me away to prince Alwaleed of Saudi since he is a soontobe owner of A380.
8. I am JUUUSSST like my mother. She says I'm like my father but they are pretty much the same.
9. I don't belive in democracy. Not at all.
10. I have lazy eye. Both me, mum and my brother has it. That's why I often look down in photos. I have a minor one though, my brother has done surgery 3 times for it, Mine isn't very severe, you can barley notice in reality but in photos you can.
I WANT TO KNOW MY READERS. WHO ARE YOU? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? HOW OLD ARE YOU?. Haha. ASL(that'ssoopeddobear). Jokes thou, tell me something about you. Ofcourse I'll visit your blog and see if it's amazing. . . ;)

What if I can't be what you need me to be?

Way too short shorts for my comfortzone. Cheers to dat!

Then there's my father
He's always looking on the bright side
Saying things like "Son, life just ain't that hard."
He is the grand optimist
I am the world's poor pessimist
You give him burdensome times
And he will escape unscarred

fmlfmlfmlfmlfmlfml - wait no, fuck her life. fhlfhlfhlfhl.

And there we were, kissing underneath her wings.

I love my new clothes from Bik Bok! Love the pastellic neon color with the nude crochet oversize sweatshirt. And my new super orange lipstick from Makeupstore. It is all a piece of loveliness.
Let me know what you think ♥

We were dancing, me and music in a neon euphoricbubble. We were just fucking happy.

Kent released their album "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret". I (for the second time) saw Espresso House dude. I had thaidinner with my best friends minus Emmie who couldn't join.
The first time I saw EH dude I had a mouth full of chai and it just came like a waterfall out of my mouth when I saw him and I had a heart attack.
Well that was a while ago . . . now they've opened a new EH in my town and everybody's there so we decided to go to the old one, there were probaöby 4-5 sitting there instead of the usual 20. Suddenly a face turned to me and I fell down at the table and I was like "O-M-G I AM HAVING A HEARTATTACK" and all of my friends agreed. He was the god damned hottest guy they had ever laid their eyes on. I think he might even beat Robert Pattinson. . .wow now it is getting serious. . . .  Applying for summerjob @ EH. That's it.

Hanging around in euphorialand, join?

New Shorts at HLH.
Meeting today went fantastico, we are almost done with all our collabs and everything and we got every greater collabs then we could ever imagine and well yes. Ain't gon' say too much. Ya'll just have to wait a while to se the great result (or atleast that what I cross my heart to get)

Watching life pass by through the eye of a lens.

Shitty food, funny gods, ridiciolous names, fashion and airplanes. Just another normal week and this is just another normal post by just another abnormal dudette.
There is many things to focus on the coming week so the blog will be resting for a while. Tomorrow is cleaning the house, tuesday is Very Important Meeting, yesyes and work after that. We have to finish a lot this week. And I really need to clear my calendar. . . feel so stressed with a million things in it. Mami thinks I have too much freetime but being an 8th grader (which is considered the worst of 1-9) and running a company. Not too much freetime there, huh?
Well no more pessimistic crap.
Goodnight x

This is what makes us girls.

Lana Del Rey – This Is What Makes Us Girls
Most of my daily thoughts and hopeless daydreams are about the future. Are we just another bunch of hopeless teenagers or will we move to L.A, Singapore, become scientists and marry a rich man? Will we become pilots, doctors and do brain research? 
There's so many questions that are running through my mind. I am not sure about much but you know what I am heck sure about? Before I grow up I want to be reckless, be heartbroken, be good, be great, fantastic, be let down, be everything you shouldn't, be everything you should.
I don't want to grow up and say "When I was a teenager I had straight A in my grades, was every teachers favorite kido and I spend my weekends reading books at dadis place" I want to say "When I was a teenager, I fought to get what I knew I deserved, I may not have been the bestest(IamaDelrayfan,yes) and I may not have been so lovable but I was proud, oh hell I was proud for what I achieved. I did stupid things, I fell inlove, I got heartbroken. I laughed until I cried with my friends and we spent too many hopeless nights together. But most important of all, I spent my teenager feeling. Even though people denied my feelings . . I know. I know. I felt"
I know I can do it because it isn't astrophysics (besides falling inlove).
Also; I have the best god damned friends a human being can have. We do argue, we are mad. We aren't the kind kind of girls that have to kiss godbye after the schooldays are over. I don't have a best friend, I have the best friends. We aren't even that girly to be honest. We're just a bunch of fucked up teenagers that stick together, have fucking fun every single day. We've spent whole nights crying with a serious face. We've spent the whole night laughing until we think we'll die. I can't imagine how it would be without them. I really can't belive how I could call my old "friends" friends. They were nothing but complete strangers to me! I bet my best friends now are complete strangers, there's a lot to know about a human. There's a lot you hide, but whatever. I may not know about the deepest part of their souls, but it doesn't matter. 
We have another 2 summers. 2 summers. This and the next. We're just 15 now, no festivals for us but we're going to make the best out of this summer. We are going to grow, be happy, be sad, be whatever you need to be in one summer. Camp, Chill . ..  next summer is Peace&Love. The summer after that will be just. . .saying goodbye. Crying and hugging. We'll be so grown up. . . move to the other side of the world. Wow. Me and Emmie will be the longest flight of all flights apart from eachother! Singapore- L.A and I will visit her in the summer and go to Coachella and she will visit me at NYE and watch the firework over Marina Bay.
And nothing of this might even come true.

The silence before the storm.

This inspiration in a level that no one else but Spells can reach. I can feel the cold breeze here in my chair. These pictures are so alive and I just can't wait to start shooting for hotlikehell! Hopefully we can pick a bus to the ocean and shoot there aswell. I also planned on shooting at dadis work. It's kind of piles of sand and stones and dirty and also a "streetshot" in town. It just kind of sucks that I don't have the lenses I would love to use. Unfortunately I can't afford any new lenses atm since none of the schools I am applying for are here at home so I'll need my own place to live and make my own food so those 15.000 I would love to spend at a new camerahouse and a 85mm lens needs to be saved just in case I move. . . hate the words just in case. Ah!!! I want to move so bad! I am crossing my heart, toes and fingers that I'll make it into UWCSEA. Singapore, wouldn't it be rad to spend the best before the last there ;)?

It's fine with clouds in my mind, as long as they are pink&happy.

Lovely pink lipstick and lovely zebra shoelace and lovely lennon. Even though it is thursday and I hate thursdays I am happy. Even though Hotlikehell isn't even opened yet it is growing and I bet you will all love what we'll have to offer! Now I am heading upstairs to work on the goodies! It will rock once it's done!
Emmie and I are super inspired and motivated and Emmie is one happy fellar because she got thrown out of her confirmationreading (church whatever) because she started discussing gay marriage with the priest. . . haha! You just have to adore her. . . ♥ Amazing friend and co.owner ♥

Garage sale - Fashion for sale - Mode tillsalu!

Nu har jag hittat mina drömskor. Tänker tömma min garderob och beställa hem dem, punktants slutans.
Alla plaggen är fräscha. (Många är ej använda)
Frakt ingår ej.
Lämna mail i din kommentar!
Och handla like a maniac.
Trendigt Usa-linne: 70:- (exkl. frakt)
Storlek: XS-M (Oversize på XS och normal på S-M)
Använd runt 3-4 gånger.
Om du vill köpa/se mer bilder är det bara att kommentera!

Ljust aprikosfärgat linne: 70:- (exkl. frakt)
Storlek: XS-M (Oversize på XS och normal på S-M)
Aldrig använd.
Om du vill köpa/se mer bilder är det bara att kommentera!

Läcker Jumpsuit 200:-
Storlek: XS-S
Använd 3-4 gånger
Om du vill köpa är det bara att kommentera!

Röd Bodyconklänning 150:-
Storlek: S (OBS!! Passar den som är XS-S rent viktmässigt men över 170cm)
Använd 1 gång
Om du vill köpa är det bara att kommentera!

Every girl needs to have the little red one.

Isn't this dress dope? Too bad it it doesn't fit me. This was just a lucky shot and I also turned the bottow up a bit so it's shorter. 
Lucky you it will be for sale at my "bloppis". Online garage sales, hell yes!
I am working with it right now and I'll post it in a bit.

I speak like a freaking baby, but here's a vlog!

Too much dopeness for you? Ah, thought so.

Seal my heart and break my pride.

I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can start taking better pictures of my outfit. ATM I can't stand the thought of going 2-3 kilometers and shoot for 30 minutes just to post it on the blog. . . that is like 3 bours of homework doing! Talking about homework . . cya! And by homework I mean work at home. . cleaning the house Yey!

Tiny, wild little strawberries. Growing young, wild and free in the forests.

H&M - 149:-
Isn't it adorable? Just too bad that the whole entire world invested in one after that I bought it (obviosly).
It's a bit too short but I like to use it like a bra with transparent tops or with something high-waisted. It was atleast a cheap price and it is comfortable! It doesn't hold up the boobs though so I use strapless bra underneath.

She said I only listen to ballads.

Find the gold here
Now this is as mainstream as it gets, but today's people like mainstream? Or did I get it all wrong? I mean those white converse, aztec pattern and something they call Boho but is really just mainstream.
Well to the bright side - oh no, the sun went down.

Not that I hate you or anything darling, but we are way too school for cool.

I am so inlove with my leatherjacket. I am so inlove. Totally inlove. Sold. It's the one I got for 6bucks at Secondhand. . Still feel so proud. It's real leather and worth around 300$ and I got it for 6$ without any missed out 0's . . .happiest day of my life? Kinda.
I also love my "new hair" haha! I love messy buns and I can finally do them! Just need to grow longer bangs so I can make nice braids aswell and I swear at god my hair will look dope.
Let me know what you think. It makes me happy when I get new comments ♥
Also, don't forget to KIK me @ Thefashiontist

The love of my life.

Okay. I am the biggest iPhone nerd in the world. I love social apps.
If you want to talk to me then I want to talk to you and if you have KiK messenger on you smartphone you can add me @thefashiontist
I also have Instagram, I've got 2 of them. One private with egoshots and daily update from my too very boring life. @Fatimaplace and @Iamphashion with fashion-re-posts.
And if you think you beat me in wordfeud, @Fatimaplace
Jag är världens största iPhonenörd så adda mig gärna på alla dessa roliga places!
KiK: @Thefashiontist
Instagram: @Fatimaplace & @Iamphashion
Wordfeud: @Fatimaplace
Har du bra tips på appar/Any good apps you know?

Sorry is just a word. To say it doesn't help if you don't show it.

My updating has been so amazing hasn't it? And yes Sheldon that was sarcasm. I am just very stressed at this moment but I can't do nothing because I am so sick and tired of trying to breath when I completley fail. Not even icecream is helping but to be an entrepreneur and the kid who expects straigh A in my final grades I better raise myself up and do something about it! Starting with eating icecream. . .
I hope you all are doing way more better than me but I don't hear from you so much anymore. . .where did you guys go?

Sittin' in a big white room alone. Tilt my head back feel the tears fall down.

Another bustiershots! I love my new bustiers and I can't help it x)
Well I wanted to show you guys my new skirt from Gina Tricot. It was 299 so yes I was desperate after a chiffonskirt. I had a giftcard with 150 though so just payed half but it still hurt like hell! But as I wrote on my facebook; Ignore the pricetag, feel the love. I'd rather buy expensive clothes that I will wear instead of buying cheap shit that will rot in my wardrobe.
Let me know what you think.

We were so young, we had no fear. We were so young, we had no idea.

My pearl Emilia ♥
She is just such an amazing friend. I just have amazing friends, and if you take a look at all of them you could all probably think I choose my friends from how they look like. Beautiful on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside. We always laugh untill we think we'll die. We might be the most hated kidos in school, but, we're fine with that. More than fine!

A steeringwheel don't mean you can drive, a warm body don't mean I am alive.

I like to hold lightbeams in my hands, and wear summerclothes when I am inside. That makes it all so summer-ish.

Laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summernight.

At times I feel like no one knows me because all I ever get to hear is "You're just a teenager"
Like, you can't have dreams, they will change. Your feelings aren't for real because they are just hormones. I actually do have feelings. I feel isolated, sick, tired, scared and lonely, mostly. I kind of do freak out at times. Scream as loud as I can against my pillow and basicly try to wrip my hair of and cry till I fall asleep. Like that will make things better. That won't cure any disease and it won't give me my own airplane and it sure as hell won't bring me to my dreams. But, it is atleast feelings that I can feel. Feelings I know isn't just hormones. Feelings I know is a sign that the time for me to jump out of the birdsnest is near. I want to find out what there is in this world besides from madness like trafficing, drugs and terrorism. I know, somewhere far east, there is Sakura blossoming.

Because, when you're here I feel safe.

Shirt:Gotfrommysister//Skirt(actually a tube scarf)//Shoes:Dinsko//Bag:Ginatricot//
I just had to have a black skirt and then I found this tube scarf (ginormous it is) and I wrapped it around me. I am such the genius! And happen to have the greatest self-confidence about my brain.
Emilia is still here to annoy me. Slept on the floor, like bare floor all night and woke up in the worst pain but how I love my pearl anyways ♥
Let me know what you think about the outfit! And I want to read great blogs so send me a comment with your favoriteblogs!

Clench my fist and try to stay strong,I cry feel sick, my heart is beating out of control.

My holidays just about. . . always rock. Love them! I always have so fun, go to so many places and meet so much people, and yes Sheldon that was sarcasm. Lucky me my pearl is here to make me smile.
The circle of life: Make plans - Look forward to plans - Don't make plans happen.

I said I'd never write a song about love but when it feels this good the song fits like a glove

Le Emilia Wähäsarja.
Sleee-power with my applepie. No blogging for me, just hanging around with me bestie. And she's such a pearl

I got caught up in a daze of love and roses, such a sweet escape.

Oh snap!
Nemas London for me. Just home, same old crappy home. I like coming home after being gone for weeks but the day after I'm like "Oh shit I wanna go back to travel life" haha, I am such a gypsy. Well I am fosho not going to settle down until I'm dying. I am seeing every corner of this world. I've been stuck in this shithole for too long. I live in the perfect little surbubia where everyone is just so god damn happy and has a "Volvo, vovve, villa" yeah well, vovve is dog. Just soo many happy people with their petite dogs and still, even though they are all so addicted to having everything they never had.

Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism, f*ck that shit go Maximalism.

If everyone could look like this every day . . . ah! Well I am going to fill my wardrobe with florals and go all in for maximalism this summer instead of plain pastels.
You, you, you? Still hooked on that dead Usa trend or hooked on the "cool" pastelles trend or are you your own race?

Let me fairytale that we are inlove.

These are probably my fav shorts so far. Decided to make a boyfriend-model and odear they are lovely!
I know my collarbones look creepy and yes I am eating like a normal human, I've been ill and I lost much weight and I have a hard time gaining weight. Belive me I eat like a maniac, especially cookies *peddosmile*
I am also answering some questions about Hotlikehell later so stay tuned. x

The falling empires, the shattered glass, the wicked echo of my past.

Now I am not getting a tattoo but if I would I would get these lyrics at the side of my ribcage:

Will you still be here tomorrow
Or will you leave in the dead of the night?
So your waves don't crush around me,
I am stying one step ahead of the tide.
Will you leave me lost in my shadows
Or will you pull me into your light?
Teach me how to be loved,
teach me how to be loved.